Sunday, October 31, 2010

Smokey as a Cow

DN3 will be using our mare Bailey in the High School Equestrian Team in the Working Cow Horse events. Bailey is descended from Poco Bueno, and bears a striking physical resemblance to him.

And she is all about working the cows. Knows her job, and takes it seriously. As we don't have any cows, we use another horse in the role. Today was Smokey's turn in the barrel.

What you can't see in this video is that when we turn, Bailey bares her teeth and pins her ears. She is also business, and if given the chance, would take a bite out of the cow (or horse). It's a bit unnerving when you are the receiving end.

(Edit: You'll have to double click on the video and view it in You Tube. For some reason it's chopped off here. Sigh.)


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

As a gelding, Smokey is most likely accustomed to acquiescing to Bailey's wishes anyway...but still, throughout this whole just-pretend-I'm-a-steer exercise, he's probably thinking, 'You SO owe me for this, man!' LOL

: )

Buck said...

I never noticed Smokey's black forelegs before. I dunno why! But it looks like he's wearing boots at first.

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Buckskins Rule said...

Runs with Horses: I thought perhaps he was thinking "what have I done now?".

Buck: All four of his legs are black about halfway up his leg. If you look at the picture on the sidebar, and the one in the "Too Old" post below, he is actually wearing splint boots on his front legs, which is probably why you thought that in the first place.

Laura said...

You can customize the size of your video in youtube to any size ya want under embed. Just letting ya know.

Smokey is a beauty.