Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ride Your Horse to School...Get Suspended

At least that's how they do things at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

Read the story here.

If you find this as ludicrous as I do, please share your opinions with Principal Matthew Fox.

Edit: I unintentionally posted this before I was done writing it. I was mildly curious if the suspension may have been related to the sword strapped to his hip. As it turns out his "Squire" was suspended also, so I think this may just be another case of school administrator's hiding behind some "zero tolerance" (of what I'm not sure) policy, without applying common sense or basic reasoning to the situation.


Love and Life said...

That's ridiculous! I used to dream of riding a horse to school everyday. It's not like he brought a gun to school or anything. Where did all of the common sense go in this world?

Veronica Lodge said...

I don't get it. Then again I once got suspended for standing in the cafeteria doorway - no joke.

Ridiculous, but more so just doesn't make sense.

Jessica said...

It's all liability issues, I guarantee it. Insurance lawyers have done a great job of sucking the fun out of things.


Laura said...

In the small high school I attended in Kentucky- we rode our horses to school the last day. The police would even stop traffic for us as we went through town. Good times.

westsoundmodern said...

I used to work with a guy who got arrested for riding his horse into a bar in Butte Montana. Apparently a horse in the saloon was pretty mild stuff for the Butte of this era as the reason he was tossed in the hoosegow was due to his lack of proper evening attire. All he was wearing was his boots!

Gordon said...

I read about this one. From what I read, the administrators were concerned that the horse would run wild and trample everyone.

This is what we get for ceding education to the liberals.