Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, and More Eagles

Happy New Year, everyone!

Last Thursday dawned cool and clear, with a light dusting of Winter Wonderland thrown in overnight by Mother Nature.

Smokey and I went Eagle watching again, and while out on the river, we ran into our friend Vicki, who was photographing these majestic symbols of our great country. She has captured some amazing photos, and posted them on FB. As they are far superior to any that I have taken, I have, with her permission, borrowed some of them to post here for those of you not fortunate enough to have Eagles in your backyard.

I wish I could get pictures that were half that good. She also took a couple good photos of my horse:


Deb said...

Thanks for sharing BR. Smokey's lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Nice to see you and Smokey, too!

Rising Rainbow said...

Looks like we have more snow that you got must be up there from me. We have too much ice underneath to be safe for riding. I'm sure wishing we would revert to what used to be a "normal" winter for this neck of the woods.

The eagles are amazing. We don't see them here in those kinds of numbers but do see a single pair now and then. I remember, as a kid, having access to veiwing a nest. It was so awesome.

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

The coolest Eagle sighting I had was looking at the hydro poles and seeing
their nest. They are really big.
I'm a lifeguard who doesn't feel comfortable scuba diving, can't image being in a sub.

Jessica said...

Wow, great pictures Dave!! And Vicki, of course.

Love the ones of you and Smokey, too!

It is so awesome to see such a strong population of Eagles (or any birds of prey). Means a healthy ecosystem for sure.

Happy New Year!

Bag Blog said...

Those eagle photos are just awesome. I showed Toby your photos and he said "Smokey is a good looking buckskin."

Love and Life said...

Great shots of those eagles! I really like seeing pictures of you and Smokey too - you're a good looking pair. What a beautiful area to ride in - makes me want to go riding too. Except that our day highs are only 2-9 degrees right now. I think I can wait on the riding.

Buckskins Rule said...

Deb & Kate: Thanks. Smokey is looking good.

Rainbow: If you're in Graham, you're just up the hill from us. These pics were taken in Orting. We just got a light dusting of snow, and not too icy for riding. I'm in no hurry for the rain to return.

Anon: Eagles are surprisingly big, and no, submarines are not for everyone.

Jessica: It is great to see such a healthy, thriving population of eagles here. I feel privileged to witness these sights.

Lou: I have to agree with Toby. But I may be a little biased.

L&L: Thank you! Can't say I'd be riding if the temperature was that cold either. 30F seems to be my threshold.

Rising Rainbow said...

I do live in Graham, so up the hill it must be. I didn't realize there was anyplace that close with that many eagles. Now I am surprised we don't see them more often.

Buck said...

You're lookin' good! Both of ya!

You CAN take pics like those of the eagles you posted (which are quite good), BR. All it takes is a lil practice... you don't need a spiffy SLR or have to drop mega-bucks on equipment. Trust me on that.

Andy said...

Man, those are great, BR! Thanks for posting them.

So, it's Jan. 3, and I finally get around to wishing you, and the BR clan a fabulous new year.

Pal, it's been an enjoyable ride-along with you and yours. Looking forward to 2011, too!

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