Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

I've sat down several times this week with every intention of posting. I have a subject at hand, some good thoughts, and then...I stare at the screen and the words aren't there. Blogger's block?

Why we start a blog is probably as varied as we are as individuals. How many of us start, convinced that no one will read, let alone comment? Then we find ourselves pleasantly surprised when we develop a small band of followers. As we read each others writings, we branch out, and find ourselves reading in the same circles. These people, most of whom we are unlikely to ever meet, become friends. We share thoughts, experiences, opinions, gripes, and moans. Stories about ourselves, our families, our passions.

When certain of the folks on my blogroll haven't posted in awhile, I find myself concerned for their well being. This is followed by relief when a new post appears. Is that strange.

I sometimes feel as though I am obligated to post. I realize the foolishness of this though, but it is present nonetheless. Once apologies are offered for the dearth of posts, readers are are quick to let one know that it's no big deal, and they will be there when the blogging resumes. I know that I have made that very statement on a multitude of occasions, with the utmost sincerity.

Even with that knowledge, I feel that I must blog. "I owe it to my readers," I tell myself. "Post something, anything." My mind is full of topics. While driving to and from work, the prose flows in my thoughts. But as I stare at the screen, my brain becomes like a just shaken Etch a Sketch. Blank.

Hic quoque transibit.

On another front, I've been called many things in my life, by many people. Some true, others, well...probably true. To this list can be added the the fact that I have recently been referred to as "eye candy".

Hmmm. Today is my forty-fifth birthday. Maybe there is something to this getting older thing. Just sayin'.


BSOTF said...

Happy Birthday! You are just a young thing. Hope it's been a wonderful day with plenty of good adventures. Being eye candy isn't a bad thing.

innominatus said...

I know what ya mean. I've roundfiled a bunch of posts this week. Had an idea, started typing, got nowhere. I think it's 'cuz the Tuscon shooting has been such a big news event that there hasn't been much else to talk about.

sweetpea said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you were able to enjoy it!
I too have went too long without posts in the past. Not sure why, but the words just don't want to flow some days. And I too feel the need to write something. That was part of the reason for the quote on my blog the other day.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! My birthday's coming up fairly soon, but I've got 10+ years on you (in the wrong direction)! I know what you mean about the weirdness of blogging - it's an interesting process to find a "voice" and then the rhythm of it is interesting too. Post as often or as rarely as you like - we'll be reading.

Kate said...

Have a great natal day. Eye candy? You must post more pictures of yourself! Probably would bring you more female readers, eh?

Deb said...

While driving to and from work, the prose flows in my thoughts. I get that a lot. More often in the middle of the night than when driving to or from work. I'm witty and prosaic and the words just flow, 'til I get to the computer.
Well written BR and Happy Birthday.

Love and Life said...

Goodness! Happy Birthday, Buckskin! (Even though I am a day late.) I always enjoy what you have to say in your posts. I hope your day was a good one - did you get a chance to do anything special?

Kipp said...

Professor Eye Candy - your thesis on the 'mind of the blogger' was brilliant.
Happy belated Birthday!

Buck said...

Happy Happy! And I hope it WAS that!

Blogging can be strange at times, that's VERY true. I particularly like the "community" aspect of it, as you noted. I wouldn't have believed such good things could happen by something as innocuous as blogging ten short years ago.

Well said.

Buckskins Rule said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! I spent a quiet evening at home, which, honestly, is my idea of a good time.

Ladies, with regard to the "eye candy" thing, I found it to rather funny. I find myself to be an average joe, and unremarkable at best. Maybe I'm just too modest. ;)

Christina LMT said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm slowly catching up on my blogreading, and was sorry to have missed this post the first time around!
I'm glad you had a good one, and personally? The older I get the happier I am. Go figure.