Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can a Horse Have a Case of "Ants in the Pants"?

The farrier was out last night to trim and shoe Smokey and Leo. Now, being nearly 22 years old, Smokey has had his fit trimmed and shod and times, I suspect. Rough math yields an estimate of 120 to 140 times. One would think he'd have it down by now.

He is usually well behaved, unless it takes too long, and then he gets a ornery, jerking his feet away, and, on two occasions, kicking the farrier. I guess age makes a fella impatient.

Our regular farrier is out of commission, with an injured hand, so his partner Jerry came out to do the job, which is of no concern, as he does good work.

I don't know what was wrong with Smokey last night, but he was a complete imbecile. He would not stand still, was constantly snorting and blowing, showing the whites of eyes, and spooking at every little thing, even the barn cats cats. Talk about a moving target. Jerry was really earning his keep, and didn't appear to be the least bit bothered by it.

Right up until Smokey knocked him over, that is. He was on the last foot, right hand, when he went sailing across the barn. He was allright, but I can assure you that Smokey got a butt whupin' after that. Enough was enough. Jerry insists that Smokey did not kick him, but rather pushed him. I'm not convinced that he wasn't just being gracious. He didn't charged me extra, and assured me he would come back next time.

I'm not really certain what was wrong with Mr. Fidgety Horse. Admittedly, the barn was a bit busier than usual, with people, horses, the tractor, and cars coming and going. Still, these aren't things that normally agitate him. It was a clear night, with full moon. Maybe he's a Werehorse.

Needless to say, he's going to spend some time in the round pen before his next shoeing.


Kate said...

Maybe the weather is just cooler and Smokey is feeling too good. I think working him in the round pen before the farrier shows up next time is an excellent idea. You are lucky if this guy ever comes back.

Anonymous said...

Too much energy, for sure - some exercise before the farrier visit would be a good idea. Also, at his age, he might have a bit of arthritis, and a farrier hold may be uncomfortable for him. For my horses with this issue, I ask my farrier to hold the feet as low as possible, and to also give the horse frequent breaks - most farriers are willing to accommodate. Also, one gram of bute the evening before plus one gram the morning of the farrier appointment will make a difference if it's arthritis.

Rising Rainbow said...

Ants in the pants sounds right to me. Although Kate's suggestion about bute for arthritis might be good. Working some of the stuff out of him sounds like a great plan.

With all the rain overnight I was checking in to see how you are surviving. Our creek is over its banks again, I figured the valley has rising water too. Hope you are safe and this rain stops soon.

Buck said...

I guess age makes a fella impatient.

Cranky, too. Don't ask how I know this.

Buckskins Rule said...

If he had just acted poorly while having his legs lifted, I would suspect that he was hurting. But he was dancing around like a jumping bean then entire time.

Rainbow: We're not having any problems down here this time around. (knocks on wood).

Me said...

I have 2 horses, a 6 year old and a 23 year old. Nine times out of ten is someone is going to jump about or be a bit silly it'll be the older one.