Friday, November 12, 2010

Lost With All Hands

I missed this on Wednesday.

On November 10, 1975, while plying the waters of Lake Superior, the SS Edmund Fitgerald sank. 29 mariners perished with her.

Never forget.


Buck said...

The Detroit Mariners' Church used to hold an annual remembrance service for the Edmund Fitzgerald... and that's "the musty old hall" referenced in the tune. Sadly, I read it's been discontinued since I left Detroit.

Mouse said...

Thank you for remembering the Big Fitz. One of my distant cousins went down with her. I always remember Walter Cronkite announcing her loss. Even he seemed stunned at the thought she could just disappear like that.

Melody said...

Can't forget. My husband grew up in Grand Marais, MI, the last Coast Guard post to receive a message from the Fitzgerald. I have several pictures and models of the ship in this house, and the song is etched in our brains. Just another reminder that Nature is beautiful, but not always gentle, and certainly not to be messed with.