Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Most horse owners will probably admit that there are times when we become convinced that horses must be the stupidest creatures on the planet. Getting spooked by, and whirling to run away from a rock on the trail, but aren't in the least bit phased by the appearance of a black bear. They will ford a river without qualms, but will go to great pains to avoid a mud puddle. Jump ten feet sideways at the appearance of a cat on the rail in the arena. The list goes on.

Truth be told, they are incredibly intelligent. And, provided that you go about things correctly, they tend to be pretty willing to learn. Case in point:

To be able to teach a horse to do that takes skill that I doubt I will ever possess. The style of riding is called dressage, and while I have no desire to be a tally ho rider, I am nonetheless impressed. And it looks so effortless, I believe, because the mare knows her business. And I find it doubtful that the horse is an unwillning participant, else it would be nigh impossible to keep that up for over six minutes.


Kris, in New England said...

Wow is right. We need to find new words to express ourselves for this. Just incredibly beautiful and so powerful. What a gorgeous girl!

Buck said...

I agree that the mare has to be in to this. I'd also like see training videos... I'm just at a loss as to HOW one teaches a horse this sort of thing. I'm thinking it has to be a long, gradual and iterative process... but... just the fact it can be done at all is amazing, innit? Wow.

Bag Blog said...

That was a very cool video - incredible really!

Our old bucksin did not make it past the first cold spell. It was not easy watching him get old, but I wanted to let him live and die here with us - it was hard to watch. I have not blogged about it or what a great horse he was, because I cry too much. Dammit.

Buck said...

Wow, Lou. I'm sorry.

Buckskins Rule said...

Lou, it amazes me how much a part of the family these animals can become. It is hard watching them go downhill (and seems to happen so fast) but at least we can take some satisfaction in knowing that we gave them a good life, and did our best to care for them.

Bag Blog said...

Buck and BR, Thanks for your kind words - means a lot.

Gordon said...


I'm sorry for your loss.


Wow. If there's any doubt that the mare is having fun, check out that tail; it's like watching Crystal Gayle's hair when she's singing.