Saturday, December 26, 2009


Seems that the donkeys in a live nativity scene in Vail, Colorado, weren't happy with working conditions.

So, they set out on their own.


Bag Blog said...

Donkeys being donkeys - I laughed at the thought of calling 911.

Years ago there was a live nativity scene in Wichita Falls. My mom parked near by and let my little brother and 4 year old sister go see the animals. My sister climbed up on the hog-panel fence to better see the scene. The little donkey got hold of her shoe and would not let go. My brother was laughing so hard that he was not much help. Some bystander had to pull my sister's foot away from the bad-ass. We still laugh about that donkey to this day.

Buck said...

Heh. No offense, BR... but Lou's story tickled my funny bone a bit more than the link! I think it's the visuals in my head... ;-)

Buckskins Rule said...

Lou: I have to agree that your story is much funnier, definitely due to the visual it creates.

Buck: None taken. Her story is funnier.