Thursday, December 24, 2009

Horse Injuries Don't Take Holidays

Smokey came up limping this morning. His left hind fetlock is swollen, and their is some heat. He can walk on it, so I don't suspect it is anything terrible. Probably sprained it running around his paddock.

It should be noted that Smokey has shown a flair for the melodramatic when he is hurt. He was in his shelter when I headed back to the barn to get the DMSO. When I came back he was walking around in the back of his paddock. He was limping on it, but clearly it wasn't going to slow him down too much. When I went to get him, the limp became noticeably more pronounced. For my benefit, I suspect.

For good measure, after spraying it with DMSO, I penned him in his shelter so he'll stay off it. We'll be keeping a close watch on it.

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