Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glowbull Warming Strikes the Pacific Northwest

Records fall as temperatures plunge to single digits.

I know it isn't midwest winter cold here, but it's cold nevertheless. Colder than it typically gets in this part of the world. Meanwhile, there is a summit in Copenhagen to perpetuate the fraud that Al Gore started and has benefited handsomely from. And the President is threatening to have the EPA take action to control carbon emissions if Congress doesn't tackle the "problem" post haste.

Nevermind that recently hacked emails have exposed the whole thing to be the sham that most reasonably intelligent people believe it to be. When the subject comes up, the lamestream media resembles crickets chirping. Wouldn't want to expose the media darlings for the shysters they really are, would we? And "Call me Senator" Boxer is calling for an investigation into the hackers. Ma'am, if your going to throw a smokescreen, make sure you've added the smoke fluid to the generator. Seems to me that it should fall into the whistleblowers category, and you should be calling for an investigation into Al Gore, et al.

It's my opinion "climate change" is a manufactured crisis, with the purpose of allowing the self declared "elitists" to gain a further measure of control over those of us who comprise the unwashed masses. They long for a return to the class structure of the early 1900's, but we just won't lay down and roll over on command. So, mix climate change, healthcare, TARP, crushing national debt and tax burdens, throw in a dash of Republican bashing, bake at 500F for a few congressional cycles, and Bam! Sheeple loaf.

It baffles me that there seem to be so many people drinking the kool-aid.


Buck said...

It baffles me that there seem to be so many people drinking the kool-aid.

It's the one-true-secular-religion, and "Algore is his prophet." That's the honest to God truth.

Rude1 said...

Of course I find it funny, not haha funny, that the EPA defines CO2 a pollutant worthy of regulation (the same gas we expel about a zillion times a day), and the administration using strong arm tactics against businesses to support C&T or face EPA fines, so soon after the revelation of the sham GW is. Again there is an unfounded rush to get something done. It seems to me that they want to get it passed before their house of cards falls apart.

The sheeple of the US never cease to amaze me with their blind allegiance.

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck: I think you're spot on.

Rude1: I agree with you 100%. They know that they wheels are coming off the bus, and pretty soon the public will wake up and demand an end to this.

Gordon said...

The enviros are a weird coalition; the progressives (more power for govt), the former Marxists (ditto, with guns), the Mathusians (kill off 5 out of six people) and the rent seekers (I can make a buck off this scam).