Friday, November 20, 2009

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

While sometimes the good Senator Graham gets a little too carried away in his quest for bi-partisanship, he certainly hit the mark on this one:

That pause after the first question was so long and uncomfortable that I even started to squirm a little.

I find the decision to try these people in Federal Court absolutely unconscionable. But having made that decision, one would expect that Mr. Holder would have thought through the concerns that Sen. Graham raises, and would have clear, succinct answers. There should be no "it depends. " Depends on what?

If things reach the point where our Marines and Soldiers need to carry a copy of the Miranda Act in their pockets, then it just may be that we have lost the cause. As Sen. Graham says, it will "make this country less safe", and it is "a perversion of the criminal justice system".


Gordon said...

Graham's a vet, and was a military lawyer. Holder walked into a buzzsaw, and deserved every cut.

Buck said...

The One and his minions have SERIOUSLY miscalculated on this decision. And it's gonna bite 'em in the butt, too. Hard.

Which is small consolation, given the magnitude of bad things that are gonna happen in the way of intelligence disclosures and free publicity for KSM. Not to mention potential disaster and inconvenience for New Yorkers. Just bad thinking, all the way 'round.

Buckskins Rule said...

Gordon: I agree!

Buck: They have certainly impaled themselves on this one. Lex pointed out today that Chris Matthews is beginning to compare the wun to Jimmah Carter. How quickly the shine wears off.