Friday, November 27, 2009

The Start of The Season

Thanksgiving is past, and Black Friday is in full swing. Tomorrow, I believe, the family BR will set out to lay saw to trunk for to hack down a tree which will then be erected in the living room, only to be discarded a month hence.

So starteth the Christmas Season. And to start you all off with a little good cheer, I humbly present the following (NSF):



Buck said...

Heh. I loves me some Ermey. That vid conjures up memories of a time when we weren't so PC, specifically Lackland AFB and what passed for basic training in the AF circa '63. And one fat little Staff Sergeant, in particular.

re: putting saw to tree. I did just that when I lived in Oregon... a five-dollar permit from the Forest Service followed by a long tramp in the woods. It was the best of "days out."

Buckskins Rule said...

Don't know about the USAF, but Navy boot camp has turned PC. Can't curse at them anymore, and they have "stress cards" if it gets too tough.


Buck said...

I thnk the PC BS is universal nowadays, BR. Even the Jarheads have gotten kinder and gentler. Sheesh.