Friday, October 16, 2009

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

...much to the chagrin of some, I'm certain. It seems that I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, so blogging has been non-existent. Iam full of blog fodder (among other things), with plenty of tales and pictures of the Central Washington Fair and associated horse show. However, tomorrow is opening day of deer season in these parts, so I'll be taking my rifle out for a walk. I'll get to blogging come Sunday.

Until then, I leave you with this video, which confirms my belated switch to Ford (not to mention the fact that they didn't take any of my tax dollars):


Daphne said...

I want pictures of a six pointer, Buckskin. Happy hunting and good luck.

I love Fords. We're fixin' to buy an F150 to replace the used up Chevy pick-up we sold last year.

I've been driving a 2002 Expedition for seven years now and still love my huge, paid for beast. I haven't had a single major repair bill in seven years. It's been an all around solid vehicle.

That ad was awesome because it had my hugest crush in the entire world on it - Mike Rowe rocks it on every level.

Buck said...

Wouldn't a drag chute be cheaper and more efficient? ;-)

But seriously, folks... (badda-da-boomp) Way cool. I thought all those C-123s were either dead or off somewhere in the Third World (same diff). Good to see one flying again.

Good luck with the hunting!

Buckskins Rule said...

Daphne: No six pointer this weekend, but the season isn't over. A few years back I gave up on GM. Now we have a diesel powered Excursion for towing the horse trailer, and I have a 99 F-150 for the pickup needs. I've never met an unhappy F-150 owner.

Buck: I love those old C-123's. Classy aircraft. I too am glad to see that at least one is still flying.

Gordon said...

I think they still use C-123s to do firefighting.

Anonymous said...

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