Thursday, October 29, 2009

Of Raptors

The family BR spent late September/early October at the Central Washington Fair in Yakima, for the express purpose of letting the Ladies BR show their ponies. I snapped over 700 photos while we were there, and have been meaning to blog about the experience, but, well, I've been a bit delinquent in that endeavor. So I will strive to make amends, although the posts will appear in no particular order other than that which strikes me.

I have a general disdain for birds, viewing them, for the most part, as winged rodents. Not so the members of the raptor family. Eagles, Hawks, and Owls. I find them all very majestic animals, and will stop what I am doing to watch them in flight.

The fine folks at the Sardis Raptor Center were at the fair. They work to rehabilitate injured members of the raptor family. Human contact with the animals is kept to a minimum, and most are returned to the wild. However, due to nature of their injuries, some of these birds are unable to be released. These birds are used in their educational program.

I believe this is a Red Tailed Hawk:

Barred Owl:

Golden Eagle:

4 year old Bald Eagle:

12 year old Bald Eagle. If you look closely you can see that he is missing his left eye.

The folks at Sardis are all volunteers, and their operating capital entirely from grants and donations. I hold people who volunteer their time for animals in great esteem.


Buck said...

I generally like birds and never tire of observing them... but I'm not obsessive about it, nor am I a "birder." That said, I agree with you: the raptors are the MOST fascinating birds extant... bar none.

Rude1 said...

I'm with you guys; I can take or leave the birds, but the raptors are always worth taking time to watch.

Gordon said...

I just read an excellent book about a young woman who adopted a just-hatched barn owl, and raised it for its 16-year life. The anecdotes are amazing. Barn owls mate for life, and this one literally mated with her (many times). It's worth the read.

Anonymous said...

My parrot would not appreciate you dissing all birds except raptors. Just saying.