Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Deer Must Be on Vacation

Perhaps in the Bahamas. Or Hawaii. Or just about anywhere other than Western Washington. Nary a deer was to be seen by our party this weekend, or by any of the others that we saw and spoke to along the way. Mother nature is working against us. For the most part, weekend weather was cool and dry, which leads deer to eat at night, and bed down during the day. Good for them, bad for us.

But, a bad day hunting is not a bad day at all. I simply enjoy the opportunity to get out of the house, and commune with nature in places that most people will never see. And I did shoot a few good pictures.

The last is of Unicorn Peak in the Tatoosh Range. Believe it or not, we were getting snowed on when I snapped the photo.


Buck said...

I know you'd have rather got a couple of shots off at a deer, but these shots are pretty good, too!

Gordon said...

It's a relative thing. Where I grew up (Buck's location) you can hunt for years and never get a shot at a deer.

Around here, drivers avoid country roads at dusk, or have a deerslayer mounted on the front of the truck. I have friends in a well-populated, but woodsy, suburb. The last mile to their house, if I don't see a deer it's unusual.

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck: The pictures are pretty satisfying in themselves. The hunting is just a cover to venture out where such scenery can be captured.

Gordon: You are so correct. The deer of Western WA are the Blacktail deer, and they are an elusive, wily sort.

Daphne said...

Come hang out in my front yard, I've got two fat six pointers fattening up on a bounty crop of acorns living twenty feet from the front door. One of the rutty bastards charged me yesterday when I headed for the mailbox.

Gorgeous photos, my husband drooled over my shoulder for a few minutes, dreaming of wild mountains and chilly weather.

Buckskins Rule said...

Daphne, if those buck's are in your yard then it must not be hunting season down in your neck of the woods. Damn deer, anyways.

Send me a picture. That way I can at least say that I saw a deer.