Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sailors, Rest Your Oars...

Nine years ago today, the Russian Submarine Kursk sank, ultimately with the loss of all hands. The fortunate members of the crew died immediately. A small handful were not so fortunate, and survived for some period afterward, until they succumbed to the cold and lack of oxygen.

The loss of the Kursk is no worse, and no less so, than the many submarines lost either in wartime, or due to accident. For me, personally, this event was poignant in that it occurred during my time on active duty. It served as a reminder of the peril that we Dolphin wearers placed ourselves in each time we went to sea.

Submariners, regardless of nationality, share a bond forged in the dangers inherent to our chosen profession. The loss of our brothers, even our former enemies, strikes us in a way that words cannot express.

Take a moment to remember these brave souls.

H/T Joel


Kris, in New England said...

Wow - that long ago already. I remember following that story so closely, hoping those brave men would be rescued in time. So sad.

Buck said...

The thing that still saddens me to this day is the fact the Russians rejected our offers to help... and our help could possibly have saved a lot of those who perished. But, that's all been second-guessed to death; no sense in revisiting it.

You guys who wear... or wore... dolphins still amaze me. And you have my undying gratitude and admiration.

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck: It is sad that the Russians let there pride get in the way...until it was too late.

From my end, it never seemed like a big deal going to sea in a ship that sinks on purpose. It's just what we did. While vaguely aware of the danger, we just never thought about it.