Monday, August 17, 2009

Rules of the Road

1. No matter how close you tailgate me, I refuse to drive faster than the car in front of me. And remember, I'm commuting in a 20 year old car, and have a herniated disk in my c-spine. I have nothing to lose, and your money to gain.

2. If you drive one of these, it is never acceptable to drive 60mph in the fast lane. The thing was engineered to drive on the Autobahn for crying out loud.

3. If you are driving a Subaru or have Oregon license plates, please stay in the slow lane. It is best for all involved parties. Despite what you may believe, you are not the Washington State Pace Car.

4. If you are driving a Subaru with Oregon plates...please stay in Oregon. We have enough crappy drivers already.

5. No, the 50mph sign does not mean for you to drive 40mph.

6. If the policeman has a car pulled over, it really is not necessary for everyone to slow to 10mph under the speed limit. He's out of service folks.

7. If you are a young, healthy adult in the crosswalk, pick up the pace. I'm behind on my quota.

8. If I'm towing my horse trailer, DO NOT tailgate me. Rest assured that the horseflesh in the trailer is worth more to me than your sorry ass. Should you run into my trailer, your best course of action is to die instantly.


Anonymous said...

moan moan moan!

Gordon said...

You left out one: If you're pulling your horse trailer, cutting you off or pulling out in front of you is a bad, bad idea.

I was hauling a load of firewood one day in my truck and a couple of teenaged boys pulled out in front of me. It was quite nearly their final mistake. A vehicle under load is difficult to stop quickly.

Buck said...

Heh. Me likey!

I'm often reminded that life in the sticks has some bennies... like beng able to drive 80 mph nearly everywhere... in the company of like-minded souls. Well, except for the odd slow-moving farm implement, of course. But they're few and quite far between... and always move off the road if there's room.

Mauser*Girl said...

I am with you on most of them, with the exception of #6.

I don't know what the laws are where you live, but I do know that many states recently changed their laws regarding passing stopped police vehicles, such as when an officer has pulled someone over by the side of the road.

In my state, I am required to merge into the lane furthest from the stopped police vehicle, if the road I am on has more than two lanes. If it does not, I am supposed to slow to 20mph below the posted speed limit - so if I'm on the Interstate (speed limit 65), I have to slow to 45 when passing a police officer who has pulled someone over, if I cannot merge into a lane further from him.

So yes, if the officer has someone pulled over, you DO need to slow down below the normal speed limit.

Buckskins Rule said...

Gordon: Good point. I've been cut off more than a few times by the clueless. Some white knuckles and some blue air.

Buck: I don't mind getting stuck behind a farm implement. That's a person working to feed his family and the rest of the country.

Mauser*Girl: Guess I hadn't thought about that. Scratch that one from the list, then. Far be it from me to get annoyed when my fellow citizens are following a traffic regulation, for a change.

Christina LMT said...

I have one rule: Get out of my way!