Thursday, March 3, 2011

No Bad Color on a Good Horse

Whilst perusing, this fella caught my eye.

"Kenny" is coming five this year, is green broke, and has been ridden primarily on trails. He's well bred, with cowhorse on the sire's side, and running Paints on the Dam's side. The Cowboy-in-Law tells us that Doc O'Lena and Peppy San descendents are know for their speed, when asked, and for the ability to turn it off, when asked, which makes them ideal cutting horses. The owner feels that he has the potential to be an "all around" horse, and that he is willing to do what is asked of him. That's a trait I find appealing in a horse. Smokey, for all his quirks, has always been willing to do what is asked of him, even if he's not necessarily good at it, like cow work.

The owner needs to pair down to two horses, feels that he is the one most likely to sell, and is more concerned with finding him the right home than whether she makes a buck off him. She stated his biggest vice is that when he gets scared he spin and try to get away. Sounds like a certain Buckskin horse I know, so I don't find that too bothersome.

She's also willing to consider a short term care lease, so that I can be certain that he is the horse for me. I find that appealing, and a sign of honesty. I'm not a horse trader, and just as Smokey will live to the end of his days as "my horse", I'm looking for a horse to keep for the long haul. Conceivably, I could be riding "Kenny" until I'm in my 60's. She also wants to see the place he will be kept before letting him go.

This picture is from last year:

I feel a trip to Sequim coming on.


Anonymous said...

Like the look of him too - particularly the hindquarters. Sounds like he might be well-worth looking at.

Bag Blog said...

He is beautiful. We have had some Lena/Peppy horses and they were goodlookin' - cow horses for sure. Of course, a friend of ours says about paint horses: Do you know why the Indians rode paint horses? 'Cause they wanted to be good and mad when they got to the battle.

Deb said...

Lou, that was in reference to Appaloosas. He is a good looking horse, AND well bred. Definitely worth a road trip at least.

Buck said...

I know nothing about horseflesh (are ya tired o' hearing that yet?) but I think that's a great looking steed.

Good luck if this is where ya wanna go, BR.

Kate said...

Good hindquarters on this fella. I like the sire's side, but the running paints on the dam's side...I'm not so sure. The seller sounds honest and that is a good thing. Have fun looking at horse flesh.

Buckskins Rule said...

He is a good looking horse. This weekend if full, but we are set to go look at him on the 12th, provided he is still available.

I like the running paint side, seeing as I'm a Western Gamer.

Женя said...

thanks for posting..very interesting article..he is gorgeous