Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear Power Plant Troubles

It should be fairly obvious that while serving in Uncle Sam's Navy, I did my sea time aboard submarines. Yes, I went to sea on vessels which were designed to SINK ON PURPOSE.

What may not be obvious is this: I was a nuclear power plant operator, referred to in Navy jargon as a "nuke".

I'm not going to downplay the events in Japan. Things are not good. The plants were capable of withstanding the earthquakes, and were automatically shutdown as designed. The problems were created when the resultant tsunami disabled the backup electrical systems which are used to keep the coolant pumps running. Even after shutdown, a reactor core will continue to generate an immense quantity of heat for many days, or until it has been purposely cooled down. For the plants in Japan, with no electrical power available, there was no way to remove the heat, which caused a bad situation to get infinitely worse.

However, none of the explosions were a result of the reactor cores "blowing up". The enriched uranium used in nuclear fuel is not capable of exploding. The explosions were the result of hydrogen which built up in the containment buildings following the venting of built up water pressure into the structures.

Of course, this event has permitted the anti-nuke crowd to fan the flames of hysteria, enabled by an all to willing media.

For a better explanation: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/fear-the-media-meltdown-not-the-nuclear-one/


Mary said...

You are so right in speaking about this, expecially with your informed experience on the sub. My father was a huge fan of nuclear energy and also an aeronomical engineer, and was very well educated on the subject, I am also a big fan of nuclear energy. It is the people that are not well read on the subject that we need to be concerned about. Earlier today, I flipped over to the tv station that is on my left and was amazed at the hype that was spewing out of my tv. This concerns me deeply. I wish Dad were here, he died in 1993.

Bag Blog said...

Anything the Media says, I only believe half of. I do appreciate the nuke lesson.

sweetpea said...

Thanks for the nuclear lesson.
I too only believe part of what the media says as they like to hype up the what if's and the possibility of something terrible happening. In fact I usually don't turn on the news or tv.

Deb said...

Thanks for the voice of reason BR. I just wish more people would grab a brain and realize this is mostly 'talking heads' at it again.

Rebecca said...

The media has a huge role to play in causing the mass hysteria down here in San Diego. The anti-nukies are coming out of the woodwork for sure, freaking out about San Onofre...iodine is flying off the shelves...sheesh.

Thanks for the post, I wish it could reach more people!

Kipp said...

The issues in Japan are tragic. I hope and pray for they the families will be able to find peace.

Submarines - I have toured two in my life, one at Battleship Parkway in Mobile, AL the other at Pearl Harbor, HI. I do not think I could go to sea in one of those things nuclear powered or diesel powered. Nope I am sure of it I would not last on one of those things. I need to see whats going on outside the window.

Rachel Neil said...

That's an inspiring story how you started riding horses in your adult life.
You've got to go for what's in your heart, and if that's what you love, then let it be.


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Jane said...

Let us try to leave our children a better world. Please check out this video for World Water Day tips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxDAHkt4ok

It's not too late for us.

sweetpea said...

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Everything alright?

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Brown Bag Parties by Shannon said...

In my opinion it's terrible that this has caused such a scare of nuclear energy when it is one of the biggest ways to minimize our dependence on foreigh oil. When oil refineries have blown up due to fire, you didn't hear of the government "re-evaluating" the use of oil for future projects.

Brasil said...

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