Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WAHSET Meet #1

We trekked down to Ridgefield, WA late last week for our first ever Washington State High School Equestrian Team meet, at the Clark County Fairgrounds. This event comprises six high school teams, and well over one hundred riders. Riders participate in 5 individual events, and 5 team events, of their choice.

For the Thursday afternoon drive down, Ma Nature decided to bless us with a rare snow. As I posted on the FB, towing a horse trailer in a snowstorm was not on my bucket list. We encountered near white out conditions on two occasions. I didn't need to change my skivvies afterward, but there was a distinct crease in the drivers seat of the Excursion. Around milepost 86 on the five traffic slowed to a crawl. "Great", thought I, "we'll never get there." At milepost 78, the cause of the slowdown revealed itself. A big rig with it's trailer perpendicular across the road, front tires of the cab hanging over the embankment. I'm certain that driver needed to change his britches.

We were also blessed with a DAMN COLD weekend. We left the hotel early Friday morning, arriving at the the barn around 6am. The temperature peaked at around 32F that day.

Day 1 is chock full of events. DN3 participated in Showmanship, Stockseat, Huntseat, Barrel Racing, and Cattle Sorting. Her team finished Cattle Sorting at around 11:30 that evening. And the event was only half over.

This is the view that greeted us in the truck as we left:

Not as cold as a lot of places, I know, but after you've been out in it for 18 hours, layering notwithstanding, the bones are cold.

Day 2 consisted of Working Pairs, Canadian Flags, Figure 8, and Bi-Rangle. Working Pairs is a team event, 2 horses, 2 riders. They perform a pattern, set to music of their choice. Costumes are encouraged.

DN3 and her teammate SW choice "Kryptonite", by 3 Doors Down.

Appropriate costumes were donned:

On Sunday, the final day, temperature reached 37F. A heat wave, I tell you! The only event DN3 participated in that day was In Hand Obstacle Relay.

Despite the cold, it was a great weekend. DN3 had a wonderful time, never complained, and thanked us every step of the way. All the girls on her team are fabulous people. There was no bickering, and they all helped and cheered one another on.

Her placing were nothing to sneeze at either, if I may be permitted to brag on my child:

Showmanship - 1st
Stockseat - 5th
Huntseat - 2nd
Barrels - 25th (1.95 seconds separated her from 1st place)
Cattle Sorting - 18th
Working Pairs - 4th
Canadian Flags - 4th
Figure 8 - 27th
Bi-Rangle - 12th
In Hand Obstacle Relay - 4th.

Not a bad showing for her first time out, in my humble opinion.


Kate said...

Brag on! I hauled my child and her horses all around the central US for horse shows. Never regretted one minute of it. Horses keep the girls outta trouble :)

Andy said...

Excellent, BR! Give the gal our congrats!

Heck, I thought it was tough showing up at a stinky gym for Wrestling Tournaments when my boy competed.

You're a good Daddy...

Deb said...

What Andy said. You just took me back to the days when I was showing, early starts and very late finishes. The drive over doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun, but you made it!

Buck said...

...if I may be permitted to brag on my child:

You most certainly ARE permitted to brag... encouraged, even! My congratulations.

I love her choice in music, too. But then... I would. ;-)

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