Thursday, February 10, 2011

Customer Service Strikes Again

On Jan. 29th, I placed an internet order for a new saddle pad and cinch with a well known saddle shop based in Texas. I subsequently received an email acknowledging the order, which also stated that tracking information would be sent to me at the time of shipment. As of Feb. 4th, no such information had been received. I sent an email informing them of this fact. No reply was received.

I contacted them again yesterday. Here is the reply I received this morning:

"We apologize for the delay in your order. Due to weather conditions, we have been unable to ship or receive. The pad that you ordered is not available until the end of this month. Wrangler does not have any in stock and is waiting on material. I can send you a different pattern, or if you prefer to wait, I can have them ship as soon as it is available."

Really??? It took twelve days in the internet age to inform me of this?? And the pad I ordered is out of stock?? Then why was I able to order it?? Oh, and by the way, the pad isn't made by Wrangler, it's made by Professional's Choice!!!!

Immediately after reading the email, every fiber in my being was screaming at me to pick up the phone, call them, and unleash the retired Master Chief on someone. But, clearly I'm getting soft. After talking myself off the ledge, I replied with "Thank you for the information. Is the pad available in Tan/Black, size 34"x36"? If so, that would be an acceptable replacement. If it isn't available, then I would like to cancel the order."

Of course, I haven't received a reply. I suspect that will take another twelve days.


Deb said...

Lordy BR, you are getting soft. Should have unleashed the beast! I'm fairly certain that I would have.

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I'm sorry for your trouble and frustration, especially knowing the offending company is in Texas! But depending on where in Texas, the delayed response might actually have been unavoidable. North Texas got hit hard with the winter storms. Ice and snow shut down highways and companies alike for the better part of a week. Even phone lines were down for several days, so internet WOULD be affected. Such weather is old hat for you northwesterners, not so much for Texans. We're a tough bunch but when the infrastructure is down, what can you do? When the infrastructure comes back up, there's a pile of backlog to wade through.

I hope you ultimately get satisfaction from the company. I'm proud of you for not unleashing.

: )

Rude1 said...

Heh, I know how tempting it is to unleash our former military persona...

Sometimes I go ahead and do it, just for the plain fun of seeing the civilian's reaction of seeing a seemingly quiet person transform into a no BS pitbull...

The best advice I ever got was from my Chief when I was a new SNCO. He told me I was too nice and sometimes I needed to be an a$$hole. Besides he said, it can really be fun at times! Man was he right.

I hope you get your stuff soon BR!

Buck said...

Heh. What Rude1 said. It's not often I let the Ol' Sarge out of his cage but there ARE times when it's called for. And yeah, it IS fun.

Kate said...

Stupid Texans!

Buckskins Rule said...

Deb: I think that I was given a set amount of "mad" at birth, and most of it was used up as a Chief in the Navy. I find that things which used to get my goat tend to roll off my back now.

RunsWithHorses: Knowledge of the weather down there is precisely why I let it go. Quite of few of my blog buds, such as you, live down that way, so I know how things can be.

Rude1: It is kind of fun sometimes. When I was in I enjoyed mastering the art of turning it on and off. This was easiest when chewing out some young sailor for having committed some offense that I know darn well I had gotten away with once or twice when I was young fella.

Buck: I think folks are most surprised when it is unleashed from those who they least suspect.

Kate: My thoughts exactly! ;)

Outsource Call Center said...

Oh' that's what we call poor customer service. I just wish that there is a law for having a good customer service in any business. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


Jessica said...

Having been in customer service, I can tell you it is really so much easier to just tell the truth. Both from the perspective of not having to make up the next story, and the credibility you engender with the client when you are actually (gasp!) honest with them.

It's really not rocket science! And obviously it is a pet peeve of mine. :)