Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video from the First Ride

As promised (finally), here is 2:42 worth of the video, which is fairly representative of the ride.

Sadly, depending on your point of view, neither of my "rodeos" has been captured on film. If it should happen to pass that one is, I will of course post it.


Bag Blog said...

Very nice ride, but I was hoping for the rodeo.

Buckskins Rule said...

Sorry, Lou. Neither of the rodeos has been preserved on film.

I'm hoping to keep it that way :)

Buck said...

I'm hoping there aren't any more rodeos... just uneventful rides.

Ann from Montana said...

Everyone, Kenya included, look calm. Hope things eventually do calm down!

Laura said...

You could have at least faked a tumble off the backend : ) j/k
Beautiful horse!

Daphne said...

Her tail is gorgeous!

She look very well mannered, probably a good thing you had her in short pen when she went all rodeo on you, that place looks huge.

My filly was was barely two when my uncle bought her for me, a pretty half TB/QH long legged sorrel with a perfect star between her eyes. She was loveliest thing I had ever laid eyes on.

I slipped onto her bare back maybe six weeks into practically living with her in the pasture that summer. She didn't blink an eye. I would spend hours lying on her back while she meandered and ate her way through the afternoons. I miss that horse.

Christina LMT said...

Beautiful horse, beautiful ride (from what I, a novice, can tell...)!

Is that the wind whistling in the background?

Buckskins Rule said...

Yep, Christina, that is in fact the wind you hear.