Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jingle Bob

Took DN2 & DN3 to a Schooling Show at the Tacoma Unit yesterday. A schooling show is a show that is really just for practice. Ribbons are awarded, of course, but it isn't necessary to wear show clothes, use the fancy saddles and headstalls, or, for that matter, even clean your horse. They are usually put on as a fund raiser, and provide a great opportunity to train your horse in the show environment.

I don't show by the way. I'm just not into prettying up my horse to ride in a circle. Give me a wilderness trail any day.

Anywho...there was a young lad of about 18 or 19 there. To cut to the chase, this lad is a cowboy wannabe. I know a few cowboys (I'm not one by the way), and he was clearly a poser. He had a big goofy feather in his hat, a very large belt buckle that I'm certain he bought, as opposed to winning as a trophy. And cue the Washingtonian trying to talk with a Texas accent. Since no one else in his family talked like that, it was clearly contrived. That's not a dig at Texas accents by the way...just at people who try to fake it.

The way to tell he was a poser was simple. All I had to do was watch him ride his horse. Actually I got to watch him ride two. He had absolutely no control of these rank nags he was riding. At one point when his horse was bucking and rearing, he shouted out "Boy, he's acting like he's a stud colt". No...he's acting like that because he wants to use you for a lawn dart, since he's tired of you riding like an asshole.

But the icing on the cake was his spurs. They looked something like this:

It looked more like he was wearing a pair of circular saws than spurs. Note the two little items hanging from each spur. Those are called Jingle Bob's. They cause the spurs to make that noise you hear in the movies when you walk. I don't anybody that actually wears them. Or at least I didn't.

When he was riding, they sounded like sleigh bells. LOUD sleigh bells. They echoed through the arena. I heard more than a few people in the stands make snide comments about them. They were annoying and distracting to the point that, after a few classes, the judge made him remove them. I did not witness this, but apparently boyo threw a bit of a temper tantrum.

At least the arena got quieter.


Christina LMT said...

Wow, now that's just sad. I wonder why no one in his family has clued him in by now! I believe this young man deserves the title "douchebag".

Or maybe "Jingleberry", a cross between Jinglebell and Dingleberry!

Buckskins Rule said...

"Jingleberry"!! Hah! That made laugh out loud. And yes, he is a douchebag. I felt bad for his horses. If it was the 1880's I'd probably enact a little "range justice".

I'm a people watcher, and since he was the Tard Du Jour, I was watching his family. Sadly, it seems like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. The only normal one seemed to be the older brother, who made little effort to disguise his disgust at sharing the same DNA as this crowd.

Buck said...

There's always ONE... at the very least... in every crowd, eh?

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck, you got that right!

Anonymous said...

Huh. Back in the 1960's, when I was working stock off the back of a horse, the jinglebob's actually had a purpose, and were usually used until the rowls wore around the center pin. Have horses evolved over the last 5 decades to no longer respond to the jingle?

I don't know about "shows", or how your supposed to behave. Sort of implies acting or "showing off" though, don't it? Every actor I've ever known was a douchebag... they didn't know what jinglebob's were for either.