Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thwarted by Mother Nature

The first ride was a no go on Saturday. As Andy can probably attest, the wind, she was a blowin' in this part of the country. I'd say at least 20mph in my neck of the woods. When that happens, the arena becomes a wind tunnel. Here's the view from the arena looking into the wind:

The steel trusses were creaking and groaning rather loudly, and all of the horses, particularly Kenya, were rather skittish about the noise. Here she is with a look that seems to say "are really sure you want to do this?"

Ummm, no, now that you mention it, I think not. One of the key things, in my opinion, is to be certain that everything is right before moving on. The noise and the wind were giving her the vapors, so I decided that, no, the time is not right. Which is a shame, because I really had myself in the right frame of mind for the event, and had been looking forward to it all week.

The weather today wasn't much better. It was one of those times where, if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. Rain, snow, hail, sun, you name it. When it was hailing so hard that you couldn't have a face to face conversation in the arena, Mrs. BR suggested (rather wisely too, I might add) that perhaps today was not a good idea, either. Drat!!

I'm going to shoot for next Friday, although it could happen sooner. Hope I don't sound like a big weanie for not gittin' r' done! this weekend.

Meanwhile, here's a picture or two:


Christina LMT said...

Don't you just hate putting things off that you got all psyched up for? I do!
But much better to wait for the weather to cooperate, you don't want to spook Kenya, poor girl.
Have fun, and keep us posted!

Ann from Montana said...

Kenya is a beauty! Such a gentle look to her face and eyes.

Guess you are sending that nice weather my way...

Buckskins Rule said...

Christina: Yes, it is a bummer to have to postpone things, but I think its for the best, in this case.

Ann: Yes, I imagine that weather is headed your way...sorry. It's snowing right now. I have no memory of it snowing here in March. Global warming isn't selling with me!

Bag Blog said...

That is an awesome arena.

Andy said...

No kidding on the weather, BR. I had all kinds of good intentions for getting outside this weekend, and I only managed a little bit of it. Looks like things aren't getting any better today.

Buck said...

What I know about horses I could put in my eye, etc., etc. But I DO recognize beauty when I see it... and Kenya is BEAUTIFUL. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I'm sorry your WX didn't cooperate with your plans, but I agree: you did the right thing by postponing.

alison said...

Definitely the right decision.

Beautiful creature!

Buckskins Rule said...

I'm sure Kenya would thank you for all the kind comments, if she weren't a horse. So, I'll thank you on her behalf. She is very beautiful, and has a great mind to boot...but of course, I am probably biased.

Daphne said...

First off, she's a true beauty! Look at that head, my God, she's gorgeous.

I'm so impressed by your horsemanship, Buckskin. You wanted it, had serious expectations for your first ride and let it all go in favor of a better experience and more solid relationship in the future when the shaky conditions gave her the jitters.

I bet you're a good husband, too.

(I'm always late to the comment party, my rounds start at three and I usually take weekends off)

Buckskins Rule said...

Better late than never Daphne. I make my rounds in the evenings these days, so I'm usually late to the festivities myself.

Laura said...

Great photos. She's a beautiful horse.
I'm always a day or two late in commenting : ( Busy, busy days.