Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Training Notes 17Feb09

Spent about an hour with the Gingerbread Horse in the round pen last night. The footing is bad in a few areas, so I avoided round penning her. Don't need to lame her up.

So we worked on backing up, yielding the hindquarters, and yielding the forequarters.

She isn't showing the energy I would like to see when backing up, but we are getting the desired result, so I will just continue working this area.

Yielding the hind and forequarters was fairly uneventful. She does learn faster on her left side, so I just need to work more on the right side.

Finished up by de-sensitizing with the rope. A non-event.

I would call it a successful evening.


Bag Blog said...

I just dropped by after seeing your comments over at Buck's blog. I have a buckskin gelding and two sorrel mares. The buckskin is the old man at 27 years old and is quite pampered and loved. Here is an old photo of him

It has been along time since I have done any training on a horse. Quitting on a good note is a successful evening.

Buckskins Rule said...

Wow!! Someone actually read my blog!

That is a great looking gelding you have. I'm glad to hear he is being pampered in his later years. I feel that these "Elder Statesmen" of the equine world deserve to be treated as royalty after years of working for us.

Of course, even the young horses in our herd are a tad spoiled...

Christina LMT said...

B.R., how did you learn to do what you're doing? You mentioned a DVD? I love horses but know little more than diddly about them, unfortunately.

Buckskins Rule said...


I started to answer your question here in the comments, but the answer got a little long winded, so I made a new post titled "How I'm Learning to Train a Horse".