Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Always Wondered What it Looked Like from the Outside

It was rather anti-climactic from inside...


Christina LMT said...

What? You guys didn't go flying or whoop "Yee-haw!"???

You've shattered all my illusions.

Buckskins Rule said...


Sorry to burst you bubble. There's no sensation of speed, since we can't see out. The deck angles up fairly steeply, so it's a good idea to brace yourself. The boat shudders a bit when it slams back into the water, and then starts bobbing like a cork.

I was pretty disappointed after my first one...

Buck said...

Well... color my illusions shattered, as well! ;-)

I should know better, though, given as how SN2 was on a boomer (the USS James K. Polk, out of Charleston) for a couple of years before he crossed over to The Dark Side.

Why didn't you tell me you're blogging now? I checked your profile when you first dropped in at EIP and hadn't checked it since... until this evening. I WILL be back around these parts... ;-)

On that proverbial other note... you asked:

Buck, on another note, what is the etiquette for adding someones blog to the list of "Blogs I Read"? I want to add blogs to my list, without committing a party foul. Thank.s

I'm not entirely sure on this. I have seen folks drop a comment on a blog they liked saying they wanted to link, and was that OK? I've never asked, myself... I've just gone ahead and done it. I can't imagine a blogger objecting to being linked, as linking raises your Technorati "authority" by an increment of one for each link you get. Hope this helps.

Buckskins Rule said...

Thanks for stopping by, Buck!

I guess I didn't mention that I started a blog because I'm just not one to tout my own actions. I figured I'd give this blogging thing a try, and either:

1. People would find it and read it,

2. People would find it and never come back,


3. People would just never find it.

Thanks for the input on linking. My guess was that no one would mind, for the very reasons you state. But, I wanted to get advice from a more experienced blogger, just to be sure.

Christina LMT said...

Link away! Most bloggers are attention whores, so we welcome linky-love...;)
BTW, I've already linked to you...

Buckskins Rule said...

Gosh...I'm just excited that I actually I have readers. I half thought that I would just be blogging in a vacuum here.

Guess I will add the links, and as long as no one complains, all is well.

Lou said...


Found this blog via another sub blog. Who was on the Polk and when? I was on the Polk from 90-93.

Buckskins Rule said...


One of Buck's (from the blog, Exile in Portales) sons was on the Polk.

Buck said...

Lou: I'll reply to your comment on my blog, as well... but if you come back here first, here's the gouge: My son was on Polk from Dec of 1988 to April of 1991, on the Blue crew. He was an A-ganger.