Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things That Go Good Together

I love the singing of "Celtic Woman".  I've been known to watch their concerts on the telly more than once.  The family BR thinks me a bit daft, but I like enjoy their singing.

Since childhood, I have also loved Christmas music.  That has not changed as I have aged.

So, Celtic Woman and Christmas Music.  I must search out a CD.


stopsign said...

I've always enjoyed Christmas Music too. This really is Great Music. Thank You

BeBe said...

Elvis Christmas....a must for the holidays!

Buck said...

I've been known to watch Celtic Woman concerts, too. And I also claim "it's about the music." ;-)

uk-business-information said...

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Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

stopsign: happy to share

BeBe: I always think of his rendition of "Blue Christmas". One of my (few) claims to fame is that I have been to an Elvis concert.

Buck: Admittedly the ladies are easy on the eyes, but if they did not possess exceptional musical talent I would lose interest in watching inside of ten minutes.

Mary said...

Not daft at all. I really enjoy their music too. Thank you for reminding me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good music and nice girls always fit together well!

Parties said...

Chocolate and cheese go well together with everything...