Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Small Town Traffic Jam

Sent by a friend. Click to get the full effect. There are two other vehicles on the road.

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Andy said...

Heh! Aaaaahhhh Yes, I remember it well!

We lived for several years on an Indian Reservation in SW Colorado. A "traffic jam" only occurred when the ranchers were moving their sheep down from the high country into the valleys along the county roads, and the occasional State Hwy.

SHEEP BUTTS EVERYWHERE! You'd have to slow down to about 5 mph, and eventually they would part before you like the Red Sea. Dave, I wish I had had a camera with me back in those days. It was just hilarious!

This kinda reminds me of that obscure film "Smoke Signals." (I think that's the name of it) It was filmed on a Rez somewhere, and was a look into Indian Reservation life.

In the film, the tribal radio station had a "traffic report." A young, budding broadcaster was sent out to the intersection of County Road (whatever), and the other County Road. He sat on top of his van looking in all directions (not a vehicle in sight), and reported "Not much happening out here today!"

Thanks Dave! Brought back some good memories...