Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Government at Work Part II

4H is not dead. Hanging on by a thread, perhaps, but not gone.

There was enough of an outcry that the County Council trimmed the cut down to $100,000, from the original proposal of $200,000. Personally, I think they could have found somewhere else to save the $100K. Starting with their own bloated salaries.

This still represents a significant slash to the budget for the Extension Office. But it will keep the afloat for the time being, and allow them to search out other sources of funding.

DN3 had the opportunity to attend the subject Council meeting. Her assessment: the Council members were "rude". Of the seven, only one of them paid attention to each and every public comment. This would be Joyce MacDonald, one of the few members who was on our side, and one of only two to reply to my email. DN3 said that the other members spent of the time talking, or looking a their I phones. Typical government, IMHO. We little people don't know what's best for us, that's why we have them.

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Buck said...

Typical government, IMHO.

Elections have consequences. It would be good if our elected officials took that to heart, coz they can be FORMER council members just as easily as "current council members."