Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yee Haw!!

This evening being clear, cool, and dry, I decided that Smokey needed some exercise, so off to the arena we went.

Well, 'ol boy is apparently feeling his oats. Each time I kicked him up into a lope, he wanted to run. Since no one else was in the arena, I did what any cowboy would do...I indulged him, and round and round we sailed, the horse choosing the speed, while I chose when to turn. It was one of those times when everything between horse and rider just clicks. My mind cleared of everything, enjoying a catharsis that I can't quite explain. A far cry from four years ago, when I was as green as a rider could get, and sometimes wondering if perhaps I had picked the wrong hobby.

I don't know how long we raced around, but I finally decided to bring him down to a walk, as I don't want him to overexert himself, nor do I want to spend an hour trying to dry out a sweaty horse.

On another note, I've been accused of being a bit indulgent with regards to our dogs. I can't imagine why.


Christina LMT said...

Look at that face! Look at those eyes!

"My eyes compel you..."

*reaches for bacon to give to puppeh*

Rude1 said...

You lucky duck! I want to ride so darn bad! I could definitely use some of that treatment.

I think we all spoil our canine companions, I mean, what else can we do when they look at us like that??

Buck said...

Ah... I can relate in some small way. My first Spring ride on the Steel Horse ain't far away. It's always exhilarating!

Bag Blog said...

I was once on a new horse in a large round-pen in a similar situation. I thought, “If she wants to run, I’ll let her run.” Then the girth came loose, and the inertia (is that the right word?) picked me up and slammed me against the wall. She turned out to be a great horse.

I would give that dog anything he wanted.

Anonymous said...

I miss riding.

Your dog has the most innocent looking face ever.

Anonymous said...

That dog is a spoiled rotten old lady whom Dave is guilty of loving, probably too much! Bless her heart, we have been lucky to have had her in our lives!