Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rehabilitation Does Not Work

I guess it's my day to be pissed off. First the story about the Iwo Jima veterans, and now this.

I have three daughters, so this story hits close to home. I cannot comprehend how it is that our society continues to believe that these deviants can be "rehabilitated". Time and again, we hear stories of convicted sex offenders committing the same crime after being released from prison. I firmly believe that crimes of this nature should be accompanied by a mandatory death sentence. One appeal, no prison time. Castrate them, and then hang them. Publicly. Clean up the gene pool, and make society just a little safer.

I guarantee this. Had this sick bastard hurt one of my girls, and survived long enough to make it to prison, his ass would have disappeared forever the day he got out of the big house.


Old Iron said...

I read somewhere that the attrition percentage was something like 93% on these slime balls. Kinda makes you think that therapy and kid gloves doesn't work on people like this.


Buck said...

You and Lex. Me three.

alison said...

100% agree. It's always reassuring to read there are men like you left in the world!

Rude1 said...

You, Lex, Buck and me four! Have gun, will travel (heh, who remembers Paladin??)

Buckskins Rule said...

I remember Paladin...albeit from reruns.