Monday, September 7, 2009


Yet another reason that I have a general disdain for my fellow man.

The article states that the dogs had been a continual problem. As is to be expected, reporting the problem to the proper authorities was to no avail. Personally, I would have allowed the problem to happen once. Upon the second occurrence, the offending dogs would have been roundly dispatched with a scattergun.

No two ways about it, the owners of the dogs are at fault. I have little (read: NO) sympathy for anyone who causes or permits violence upon women, children, or animals. I believe the punishment should fit the crime. In other words, the owners of these dogs should be locked in a cage with a pack of wild dogs, and let nature takes it's course.

Of course, at best they will probably get a slap on the wrist, and maybe a little community service.


Gordon said...

I know a woman who lived up your way, and who was a dog trainer. She had no use for owners who would not keep their dogs under control.

So if the dog owners turn up dead, I might have a clue....

Bag Blog said...

One dog is usually okay, but when several dogs get together, they become a pack. If they are the type of dog to kill - like a pit bull mix - then they will. Gang mentality.

Buck said...

Well, at least the dogs were put down; I have to give credit for THAT. But the owners need to be flogged mercilessly, if nothing else. In public.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to stop clicking your links. That was incredibly sad.

Like you said, the owners of these dogs should be torn apart by wild beasts. Let them feel what the horses went through. Errrrggh!