Saturday, September 12, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

At 0430 this morning, the family BR was awakened by the sound of crunching metal, followed by a car accelerating away. Well, all of us were awakened with the exception of DN3, but she slept through the Life Flight helicopter that landed in the street a few years back.

Quickly dressing, I grabbed a flashlight, and went outside to determine which car had fallen victim. I secretly hoped it was one of the neighbors vehicles, but these hopes were quickly dashed. It was one of ours. And of course, it couldn't have been the 1990 Honda with 220,000 miles on it. had to be the cherry 1978 Ford F350. To wit:

We, of course, called the police. The offender had been kind enough to leave his passenger side mirror and numerous paint chips behind. This led us to ascertain that he had been driving an emerald green Ford. The mean and nasty side of me wishes that my F150 had been parked there instead. With it's 6 inch lift and 35 inch tires, the perps car may very well have become wedged underneath, making it harder to get away.

Living in a small town has it's advantages, and the offending vehicle turned up less than a half a mile away. From the intel we have, the operator an unlicensed teenager, and, yes, he was under the influence of alcohol. The Police placed the bracelet's on the lad, charged him with DUI, Hit & Run, and operating a motor vehicle without a license, and transported him to the klink.

My speculation is that mom & dad were fast asleep when junior slipped out of the house to go party. I'm sure the cat was let out of the bag when the cops woke them up first thing this morning. I'm disappointed that they haven't made any effort to contact us yet, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, as they've probably had their hands full today. Although their neighbors were getting a bit suspicious when did two drive by's today, admiring the Ford Explorer that has much of the paint missing on the driver's side.

I'll be paying them a visit tomorrow.


Christina LMT said...

Oh, dear! Let's hope they have good insurance, and that they don't try to fight it. Kids can be so stupid sometimes!

Buckskins Rule said...

Turns out this particular lad had a prior warrant out for his arrest. And the local PD are more than a little familiar with the whole family. Sounds a bit like one of those cases where the kid was doomed from the outset.

Buck said...

Dang... your comment soured me on the whole thing (or soured me further, I should add). I was just getting ready to write something about "justice being served" but I see all THAT appears to be up in the air. Good luck, BR... it sounds like you're gonna need it.

Laura said...

That's gotta suck. Hope you get it fixed without much more headaches.

alison said...

Well, the police work was pretty cool. Re the car being the Ford and not the Honda etc that's a case of Sod's Law. Don;t know if you guys say that over there. I suppose the insurance is an issue now though. What a total pain in the ass. Good luck with it all.

Daphne said...

You own one of those?!!

That truck's been on my dream list forever.

The boy should be severely lashed. With a fender, maybe.

Gordon said...

I had a teen whomp the back of my SUV a year or so back. We both pulled off to the side to wait for the police. I was pretty angry at first, but I calm down quickly, and I could tell the kid was shaken up.

I told him, "Look. You don't have to tell the cop it was your fault. The insurance companies will settle it all."

He replied, "But it was my fault."

His parents had very good insurance, and my truck was as good as new in four days.

I did send a note to his parents: I told them that they were raising a very good kid.