Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving the Wild Horses

Admittedly, I'm biased on this topic, but I must say that for once, I approve of a plan that is working it's way throught Congress.

After the untold quanities of money that have been thrown down blackholes that provide no benefit beyond filling re-election coffers, I find it almost laughable to hear politicians suddently worried about "Taxpayer Drain". I hate to state the obvious for our challenged politicians, but that horse has already escaped the barn. Pun intended.

Not only does this help the wild horses, but it also preserves untamed land, keeping it free from further unchecked growth. Granted, much of the land is probably in the boonies where it won't be developed in the first place, but still...

I approve.


Buck said...

This kinda-sorta goes back to my comment on your previous post about how our congresscritters are spending our money. But I'm wondering why a rep from Wyoming would be opposed... you'd think she would support this plan. Maybe she's opposed coz her state isn't getting a piece of the pie.

Buckskins Rule said...

I dunno, Buck. I think it's just that the Repubs will scream and howl no matter what the Dem controlled Congress spends money on. They are suddenly trying to be the party of NO.

Not a way to stage a comeback, IMHO.

Buck said...

Agreed on your last. Constructive criticism, with alternatives, is always better. Just screamin' "NO!" ain't gonna git it.

Gordon said...

It's hard to say why people are opposed without knowing what land is involved, and what's under it. Our last Democratic president declared about half of Utah unmineable to please the enviros. He didn't have the courage to do it in Utah; he made the announcement from Arizona.

I agree about the alternatives, but this crowd has been trying to do things so fast (harder to gin up opposition that way) that there hasn't been time to do much more than shout "NO!"

And when you're not allowed into the bill-writing process, nor allowed to propose amendments, what else can you do?

Buckskins Rule said...

Your point is well taken, Gordon.

But with that said, they need to find some other tactics if they want to find themselves returning to office in numbers great enough to make a difference.

Although, the Dems are certainly doing their best to get unelected.