Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elbe Hills Poker Ride

Each summer, the Pierce County Sheriff's Posse sponsors three Poker Ride at the Elbe Hills Horse Camp, in order to raise funds for their sponsorship of the Special Olympics. Not only is it a great cause, but it's a makes for a darn nice trail ride. On Saturday, the family BR, plus a few friends, attended the first ride of the season. The weather was beautiful, the horses well behaved, and the company good. It was a great ride.

One of the great things, for me at least, about living in Washington is the beautiful country we have. Top on the list is Mt. Rainier. Elbe lies on on Highway 7, along the rode to Mt. Rainier National Park. One of the most fabulous views of the mountain, IMHO, is found along a series of switchback trails that we were on yesterday.

My camera isn't fancy, and my photographic skills are not of Ann's quality, but, without further adieu, I give you a few of the pictures I took yesterday.

In regards to the light blogging of late, it's summertime, the weather is beautiful, and when faced with the choice between blogging or riding the horse...well, the horse will win out everytime.


Ann from Montana said...

Gorgeous photos - I appreciate the link and compliment but these are spectacular!

And looks like it was a perfect day.

Buck said...

Yup... agree with Ann: beautiful.

I have quite a bit of experience with that mountain's namesake beer, btw. Or had... back in the day. :D

Buckskins Rule said...

I've downed a Rainier or two myself, Buck. You can still find it, but since it's now brewed in Irwindale, CA, it just isn't the same.

alison said...

I camped up in the mountains over a lake with that mountain in the background. It was just myself and my friend on my first proper excursion to the US a - supposed to be a 2 week drive through. Serene calm and noone around. I remember the date we camped clearly. September 10th 2001.

Laura said...

I'd pick riding the horse over blogging anyday too.