Monday, May 18, 2009

A Recent Discovery

Pendleton Whiskey, from Hood River Distillers. Straight, it goes down smooth as silk.

I may be branded a heretic, but IMHO, Crown Royal can't touch this.

And how cool is the label?


Ann from Montana said...

I've seen this, loved the label and bottle and didn't think to try it - I'm a whisky fan - but now I will.

Buck said...

Didn't you blog about this a while back, Buckskins? Or is it that you just now bought and sampled it for yourself?

I've never been much of a Canadian whisky fan, having been on a nearly 30-year single-malt jag since "discovering" them when I was stationed in Ol Blighty back in the early 80s. As the saying goes... "So many whiskeys, so little time..." That's especially true since I only indulge in a sipping manner. A bottle of whisky lasts me for WELL over a month.

But... the next time I go to a well-stocked bar... ;-)

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck, I mentioned it briefly in a post about riding in the mountains, (althought it wasn't the whiskey on that trip, just unashamed advertising for the new taste I had found). I tasted it for the first time a few weeks ago, and bought my first bottle last night.

This is the first whiskey I have found that doesn't burn even a little when taken straight.

Daphne said...

Crown Royal is swill.

I love a small, handcrafted bourbon batch myself, since I'm a neat two finger gal.

Small labels make a better product every day of the week, kind of like the independent beer breweries.

An old friend of mine makes a better home brewed version of Negro Modello than the company could ever imagine smoothing into production.

Buckskins Rule said...

Daphne, glad to hear I'm not the only with that thinks Crown is overrated. I've never been a fan. I drank George Dickel Tennessee whiskey before this, but I'm a changed man.

alison said...

Love the label

MSL said...

Just so happens I'm sippin on a couple of fingers of JD as we speak.
I'll have to give Pendleton a twirl.