Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Kentucky Derby

I suspect most of you have heard the results of this years Kentucky Derby, which makes this post a little late.

I'm not a fan of horse racing, but I won't pick that scab.

I do take great satisfaction in this story, however.


Buck said...

I'm not a fan of horse racing, either. But I agree with you: the ESPN story was a good one. We ALL love underdogs.

alison said...

I'm not either. Though I don't know your reasons. The Grand National is an incredibly exciting Steeplechase which has become cruel in my view. When at least 1 or 2 horses die each year, it makes me cry :(

I meant to ask you if you guys over there in the US got the story in the news recently about all those Polo ponies? Horrendous.

Andy said...

Hmmm, horse racing. Buck'll tell you we had some serious issues on the hockey vs horse racing front a few years back. NBC should have been gutted.