Monday, April 13, 2009

About the Light (read: non-existent) Blogging

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note about about the lack of blogging during the last week. I haven't given up. Work is just keeping me busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, and I've been to pooped to write by the time I get home.

I should be back at it later this week, to regale you with tales of old Smokey Joe and his friends.

Hope everyone had a good Easter!


Ann from Montana said...

From one blogger to another...go with the flow :)!

For a time, I tried to have a post up every morning and it became "not fun". I have learned to let the posts come as they may at whatever time of day seems right and not always every day.

I look forward to whatever you decide to share, when you feel like sharing it.

Glad that work is busy - better than the opposite!

Buck said...

Yup... what Ann said! Life does intrude upon blogging, from time to time. ;-)

Christina LMT said...

We all realize you have a life away from the keyboard, so don't sweat it...:)

Michelle H. said...

Nobody expects you to live and die by the keyboard. We'll be here for every post you make.

Daphne said...

Write 'em as they come. I'm not going anywhere.