Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pack Trip: Day 4

Tuesday was yet another beautiful day. Pancakes, sausage, and coffee for breakfast. As we would be leaving the next day for Corral Pass, to meet other members of the Backcountry Horsemen for the annual Tri-Chapter work party, we opted for a day of rest for the animals. We tidied up camp in preparation for packing up on the morrow, and let the boys graze to their hearts content.

Smokey, Dempsey, and Potter on the highline. The animals spend their nights tied to this line as a precaution. These three are tied up in the early afternoon, for, after hours of grazing, they had begun to show a propensity for mischief (see Day 2).

Smokey has an itch. Smokey always has an itch.



Sunny D was minding his P's and Q's, so he was allowed to continue grazing.

Mountain pond.

I would have never guessed that frogs lived at 6000 feet. This one is as big as my hand.

In the early evening, a warm rain blew in from the East, which was unusual, as clouds use come out of the West in these parts. It lasted for about an hour, and disappeared as though it had never happened.

One of the highlights of this day was bathing. Solar Showers just may be the best thing since sliced bread. They claim that the water can reach 120F. The water in my bag didn't get nearly that warm, but it was warm enough to take a pain free shower. After removing the dirt, grime, sweat, and stink, I also treated myself to clean clothes. Fresh as a daisy.


Bag Blog said...

There is something about a mule's face that I just love.

A friend of ours had two mules that he used to pull a chuckwagon, but he also rode them on trail rides - those two mules went everywhere together. I once rode one of his mules on a trail ride with the Red River Riding Club. My friend was on the other mule and was leading the group. I rode right behind him - no matter what.

Kris, in New England said...

I love mules; they have the sweetest faces. Though I will say that Dempsey does look - like he's cooking up his next plan for Mule Mayhem.

Buck said...

I gotta comment about the mule pics, too. One word: Democrats. The resemblance, however, between the two entities would take pages and pages to enumerate. So we'll just leave it at one word.

Buckskins Rule said...

Sorry, Buck, but I beg to differ. These mules work for living.

Buck said...

Ya got me there.