Friday, July 16, 2010

The Great Adventure is About to Begin.

I'll be setting out on my nine day adventure at 0500 tomorrow.

The good news is that Smokey's abscess healed quicker than expected, and he didn't lose any of his conditioning. So he's back up to first string. Which is a big relief. While Bailey is a good horse, she is a bit of an unknown quantity with respect to a trip of this nature. I've never had her out on an overnight trip, let alone nine days.

Smokey, on the other hand, has spent his fair share of nights on the highline, cowbell chiming with his movements. He isn't phased by deer, elk, or bears. (Although he is deathly afraid of blue tarps).

I'm bringing along a small notebook so that I may record any adventures, and I promise to return with as many photos of the Norse Peak Wilderness as the memory card will hold.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time - looking forward to hearing/seeing all about it!

Christina LMT said...

H'ray for you and Smokey!

Have fun and take LOTS of pics, please.

Andy said...

Enjoy the heck out of it, man! Good ol' Smokey...somehow I knew he'd be up for it. Had my doubts here...but you two old guys go and have a blast!

Buck said...

Great news! Have a blast and take LOTSA pics!