Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Art of Gaining Political Traction

Or, in this case, how not to do it.

I feel that the person who made that statement is an asshat. Allow me to explain.

I'll be the first to admit that Patty "the mom in tennis shoes" Murray, like her counterpart Maria Cantwell, is at best, an ineffective Senator, and at worst, little more than a tool of her political party. But, Washington being the decidedly "blue" state that it is, her political career is in no danger of immediate jeopardy.

Of course, had someone from, oh, let's say code pink, said this same thing about Senator (insert Republican here), the folks on the left would have found it to be quite the knee slapper, and the lamestream media would have given little, if any, press. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

However, since this came from the right, folks on the left will feign outrage and demand apologies, while the media fans the flames, because they have proven unable to recognize an exaggeration when presented.

We could, of course, engage ourselves in much wailing and gnashing of teeth, bemoaning how wrong and unfair it all is. Or, we could accept the fact that life isn't fair, and operate within the parameters we are faced with. If you choose to thrust yourself upon the public stage, the thinking, reasoning adult should be able to accept that what you say and do comes under public scrutiny (a fact which seems to allude many folks in Hollywood). Through an ill thought out, albeit passionate, statement, the speaker gave the left and the media fodder, and they will, predictably make much hay over nothing. The result being that attention has been taken away from the real statement and purpose, making this particular rally appear to be little more than a circus.

Let's get our act together, people!


Andy said...

Buckskins, we are in a similar situation down here in Louisiana. Our (female) Senator, Mary Landrieu, has once again made us a laughingstock by selling her vote in support of the Senate Health Care Deform bill for $300 million.

It has been smeared all over the internet as the "Louisiana Purchase." Now, as a thinking, reasonable person, I expected nothing less from my worthless POS Senator.

But, the public outrage is kinda' frightening...even to a guy like me that detests Mary. She can barely go out in public. Some people that are "in the know" say that she is fearful for her own safety, and is on meds for the stress of it all.

I don't know if that is true. But, I would not be surprised if it is. There is a "rumbling" that I've never sensed in my 50 years. People are mad. They are seething.

You wrote, "Let's get our act together, people!"...I could not agree more. The press will never miss an opportunity to paint those that oppose libs as "nutjobs."

When you're in a battle, you sure don't want to pass ammo to your enemy. So, the right must be ultra-cautious. (Then again...if we don't SAY IT, they'd probably just make it up and say we did...)

Still, I understand WHY the dude said what he did. Millions are at a point of desperation over the direction we are headed. Personally, I don't think it's "lynching time" just yet.

Heh! We are certainly in for an interesting next couple of years. I shall hold my powder, and see what happens before I grab a rope.

My great hope is that the outrage is FINALLY getting the attention of the powers that be.

We will c.

Bag Blog said...

I understand your not wanting to give ammo to the enemy. Personally, I think it is just a metaphor. It doesn't mean anyone really wants to do any hangin', but it does liken the feelings of Gus and Call to feelings over the senator's falling in with the wrong crowd. I think the senator should take notice, and change her ways.

Buck said...

I've long bemoaned the lack of civility in our political discourse, going back to the unreasonable (to me) slagging Reagan got from the Left. It's only gotten worse in the intervening years and our fellow Americans have become The Enemy if we disagree on politics. This is the WTF-moment to end 'em all, IMHO. I'm reading this sentiment more and more these days: "I weep for my country."

I think we're beyond the point of getting our act together. Sadly.

Buckskins Rule said...

Andy: If the anger is reaching the point that she is truly afraid for her life, then it has gone too far. On the other hand, these politicians should be afraid for their political careers. Centrist Americans, weary from the Bush years, voted Obama and company in on the hope that he really did stand for change. Now that has proven to be worse than any present since Carter, the situation has reached critical mass. Folks are completely fed up with our government, be it D or R. A shake up is brewing, methinks.

Lou: I agree that it was not meant in the literal sense, but the left and the media still blow it out of proportion. Patty Murray won't get the real message. She will continue to do whatever Reid tells her to. Constituents be damned.

Buck: I'll take your thought one further. I think the lack of civility in the political discourse is a byproduct of the overall lack of civility in our society. And you might be right, it may be too late.