Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Good Life

My fellow blogger Rude1 has a great post which explores the very real differnce between living in the country or the city.

I grew up a city boy. There is no denying that fact. Yet, somehow, I always a felt a little out of place. There was a yearning for wide open spaces.

While having not achieved the goal of being "independently wealthy", and thus having the spread in the "middle of nowhere", I have reached a satisfying compromise. We live in a small town (one friend described it as "Mayberry"), while being within reasonable driving distance of the Seattle metro area, which provides the income to for the family BR to live the good life.

I'm not saying one lifestyle is better than the other, it's just a case of individual needs.


Rude1 said...

Well said BR! THanks for the linkage! :)

Buck said...

I've lived in both environments and a lot of "in-between" places (i.e., small cities, say pop 30K or so) and the rural life seems to fit these days. I use "rural" loosely, coz I live within the city limits of P-Ville, which... at 12K... ain't exactly The Big City. ;-)

But there are times... and these seem to be happening a lot lately... when I miss the things the Big City offers.

Gordon said...

The big city does have its attractions. I can see a different Shakespeare-in-the-Park play every week in the summer. Just about every ethnic cuisine is available within five miles of where I live. I can go to a nearby store that sells 280 different cheeses.

But there's way too many sirens here.

Christina LMT said...

I grew up in the big city (Berlin, Germany, to be exact), and while I loved it there, big cities in the U.S. do absolutely NOTHING for me. I'm so happy I relocated to the country. I'm close enough to a larger town that I can go shopping there if I really need to, but I do mostly stay around my small town (pop. 4,500 or so.)